Nikon ProLock for Red Scarlet, Epic, Weapon


  • Red Nikon mount from an angle
  • slider responsive
  • Red Nikon mount from an angle 2
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OptiTek Nikon ProLock is a field proven robust and reliable Nikon F mounting system.

It will provide years of reliable service and professional results with Red Scarlet, Epic and Weapon cameras.

Main features:
1. Positive locking to eliminate slop between the lens and the adapter
2. Aperture control for AF-S lenses built into the adapter.

The control is a traditional iris ring with standard pitch gear so motor can be used to                                                                                                  control aperture remotely
3. Iris scale engraved on the control ring to read the lens aperture value for reference.
4.Iris scale is adjustable so it can be quickly precisely calibrated to the lens on the camera for even more precise aperture reference.
5. full compatibility with the AI, AI-S, AF-S lenses.

Click here for the Manual: Nikon ProLock manual



MSRP: $995