Canon Mark3 Adapter kit

OptiTek Canon ProLock-I  Mark3 Adapter kit


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Thank you for considering our new Canon ProLock-I Mark3 adaptor for your production needs

Main features:

  • Positive locking mechanism for unmodified, stock Canon EF mounted lenses.
  • Electronics built inside allow for control of iris via buttons or Hand controller and accept OptiTron EFF (electronic follow focus for focus control via the AF motors built into the AF lenses.
  • Image stabilization is activated on lenses so equipped.
  • Lens information display in the camera VF and data stream for recording.

Now for Mark3 advantages/features:

  • new latest generation processors.
  • auto initialization for iris
  • 1/8 stop iris increments
  • no more “1 step per button click” now when you hold down the button the iris opens and closes smoothly
  • full compatibility with the newest Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC, 70-200 f2.8VC, 15-30 f2.8VC lenses.

    Click here for the Manual: Canon Pro Lock-i  FZ3 manual


MSRP: $1895