Canon ProLock-i for Arri Amira/ Alexa Mini cameras

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  • Arri mount from above.
  • Arri mount with shadow
  • Arri mount
  • angularjs slider
  • CPL on Amira web
javascript image slider by v8.2

Thank you for considering OptiTek Canon ProLock-i adapter for your production needs

Product code CPLi-AR3

Camera compatbility: ARRI Amira, Alexa Mini

Lens compatibility:

EF mounted Canon, Tamron, Tokina, Sigma.

Voltage- 7-35V

power draw- 1W-5W depending on lens attached.


-Replaces the PL adapter on camera.

-Positive locking transform any unmodified Canon EF mounted lens into PL lens.

-Lens stabilization activated in lenses so equipped.

-Combined with OptiTron2 lens controller kit provides electronic drive by wire follow focus and remote iris control, in wired or wireless mode.

-Power supplied from camera contacts internally so no power cable is necessary.

Click here for the Manual: Canon Pro Lock-i  FZ3 manual

MSRP : $1750