About Us

OptiTek was founded in 1998 with the goal of servicing the motion picture industry locally in Hollywood and around the US. With 10+ solid years in the camera lens tech and factory training we offered repair, service and custom conversions for Angenieux, Cooke, Zeiss and other brand glass. As the digital technologies started emerging we pioneered digital video recording and displays as well.

The relentless pursuit of new unconventional technologies in support of the wonderful world of film making immersed OptiTek in fusion of optics and electronics. Today we are the exclusive provider of integrated electronic lens control solutions. We embrace the amazing tech of ultrasonic silent motors, extreme resolution encoders, optical stabilization, lens data streaming and offer them to the ever so talented film makers to enable them to tell stories through even more engaging visuals, in many cases shots impossible to achieve without OptiTek gear. Currently the camera systems we support include Sony, ARRI, RED, Vision Reseach and others.