Optimator Deluxe


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Optimator is a high precision instrument that, regardless of environmental conditions assures

precise sensor location (camera back focus, sensor flange depth) checking and adjustment.

The purpose of this instrument is:

  • Check the Flange depth of the sensor.
  • The max resolved number can be recorded (written down) for future reference.
  • Generate reference frame.
  • Check camera real resolution.
  • Check camera light sensitivity.
  • Make all tests identical, “laboratory condition” compliant regardless of location.
  • Communicate sensor issues remotely by emailing reference frame grabs.
  • Create sensor test standards that all digital cameras can be tested to.














  • Standard kit comes with PL adapter included.

  • D-tap charging cable included

  • Other charging options available.






Features neutral mounting system that allows it to be adapted  to other cameras such as:

  • Canon EF

  • Nikon F

  • Panavision, etc.




MSRP: $3995