EFF OptiTron2 for SONY, ARRI Cameras


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Optitek Electronic Follow Focus OptiTron2 for SONY, ARRI Cameras is our second generation of Electronic Follow Focus (EFF) This is the first professional device that connects with auto focus motors built into DSLR lenses and instead of a gear /Follow Focus (external motor) combination seamlessly integrates with the lens and the camera system for accurate, repeatable, smooth and responsive lens control of focus and aperture.

Product code: OT2

Camera compatibility: SONY F3, F5, F55; ARRI Amira, Alexa Mini


  • Default remapping of the very limited focus rotation on AF lenses to nearly full rotation(320 degrees) of the focus knob. This provides precision needed to follow focus on today’s high resolution sensors 4K and beyond
  • Easy rotation direction switch for left and right side mounting.
  • Easy remapping of custom user defined focus range to full rotation of the knob (see below) for even more precision needed for macro, super critical focus work.
  • Adjustable iris scale for monitoring aperture position on the OptiTron2
  • Back-lit aperture and focus control for nigh time /dark environment use
  • Easily and quickly adjustable tension of the focus knob to suit the individual focus puller preference.
  • The “focus drag” lever under the battery cage lets you adjust tension on the focus knob. Five steps from Loose to Tight.
  • The marking ring snaps on and is back-lit at all times. There is an index line at 12 o’clock position.
  • The iris slider has a marking strip for felt pen. The marking strip is adjustable so the scale once marked can be reused for different lenses.
  • Wired and wireless configuration.
  • Speed crank.


Click here for the Manual: Optitek Electronic Follow Focus OptiTron2 for SONY, ARRI Cameras





MSRP: $2195